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Welcome to XENIA! An immersive virtual reality music experience featuring the music of Graham Kartna!

XENIA is a virtual reality experience that was also created in virtual reality - using VR art tool Tiltbrush.
Your Mission as a Gamer is to appreciate the virtual reality paintings.

DURATION - 4 Minutes


Although XENIA is designed for room scale VR you can also play it with standard FPS controls if you are a plebian like me (I borrowed this HTC Vive LOL).

Mac + Linux builds coming soon


On start up if a HTC Vive is detected XENIA will automatically enable VR, if not it will fallback to standard first person controls.

ESC - Quit

HTC Vive Controls
Your arms and legs!

First Person Controls
WASD + Arrow Keys - Move
Mouse - Look Around
Space - A Tiny Jump




Buy Now1.00€ EUR or more

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XENIA - win.zip 186 MB


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bro why is this 1 pound 💀


because i like to eat food and pay rent


Bluh! This game is reaaaaally interesting, such a nice, weird and chill experience! >:]


bruh this game is soooooooooooooooooooooo boring